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September 25, 2016 – 12:45 am

Esta vez, el subterfugio utilizado, explicó Yailin Orta Rivera, directora del periódico Juventud Rebelde, dirigido precisamente a este grupo etario, han sido un programa que oferta becas de verano para estadio e intercambio juvenil en …

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How could Rubio learn about America’s national security?

Submitted by on October 31, 2015 – 3:56 am
Arturo López-Levy
(Huffington Post)-The odd thing is that his supporters are presenting the Senator from Florida as someone bringing foreign policy knowledge to a Republican ticket. Just a year ago Rubio couldn’t understand why Secretary Kerry described ISIS and Iran as sides in conflict. His supporters argue that he is acquiring knowledge in Congress.
How could Florida’s Junior Senator learn about America’s national security challenges when he is profusely missing votes, briefings, conferences and hearings in two of his only five years in the senate?… How can Senator Rubio criticize the Iran nuclear deal when he was not even present at the intelligence briefing about it? Not surprisingly when the Florida’s missing Senator accused the Obama administration of having a policy towards Iraq and Syria “mostly driven by a desire not to upset Iran,” Secretary Kerry schooled him by affirming “the facts completely contradict that.”… Rubio’s record stands in contrast with his fellow senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders who are running also for president but have missed only 10 votes while Rubio missed 59, including the ones about the Keystone pipeline and the Export/Import Bank.

Rubio’s problem with the votes began even before he declared his desire to run for president. The year 2014 before he declared his intention to run, he already missed twenty-nine percent of his votes.

If Marco Rubio is going to keep missing more than 40 percent of the upper chamber’s votes, if he is tired of being a Senator, he should follow the example of Speaker Boehner and resign. Let Floridians elect someone committed to represent them, as Jeb Bush suggested. Florida law forbids seeking two federal offices simultaneously because the state wants to have in Washington someone committed to his or her job. Rubio is using time paid by taxpayers’ money for his campaign. That is not fair to Floridians and Americans who deserve a Senator committed to the institution. (Huffington Post)