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September 28, 2016 – 2:52 pm

Jorge Riopedre
Hace unos cuantos años, cuando se produjo el “desmerengamiento” de la Unión Soviética, nos tocó a nosotros reír de buena gana por un vuelco tan inesperado que ni los mejores cartógrafos políticos podían predecir: …

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La BBG premia a José Alpízar por el éxito en la divulgación de materiales de Radio Martí dentro de Cuba

Submitted by on October 14, 2015 – 9:41 pm

(ATM)-Office of Cuba Broadcasting staffer José Alpizar has been awarded the David Burke Distinguished Journalism Award, the Broadcasting Board of Governors announced today… Strict media controls in Cuba have resulted in the creation of an underground, secret distribution network for uncensored information. The OCB’s José Alpizar champions this vital “hand-to-hand” network. Working directly with Marti reporters and producers and with a list of contacts in Cuba yearning for unbiased news, Mr. Alpizar has, in just two years, grown a small DVD duplication program to a complex distribution system that today boasts 15,000 DVDs a month handed out door-to-door and on street corners across Cuba. In addition to DVDs, Mr. Alpizar has led the way to distributing flash drives carrying gigabytes of not just Marti audio and video content, but also information on research and development of WiFi and over-the-air television signal broadcasts inside of Cuba free from government control. With his transmission engineering skills and unwavering dedication, Mr. Alpizar has singlehandedly nurtured a network of dedicated Cuban citizens to disseminate Radio and Television Marti content throughout the island. (Tracey Eaton en ATM)