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September 26, 2016 – 5:35 am

I)-“Fidel Castro: ¿Uribe?
Uribe: ¿Sí?
Fidel Castro: ¡Aaaah! ¡Sabía que ibas a estar despierto! ¡Eres un ave nocturna como yo!”
El presidente Castro y yo nos llevábamos muy bien –para sorpresa de algunos, y en los últimos años …

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Las lecciones del Senador Rand Paul (+VIDEO del Discurso de Donald Trump ante La Fundación)

Submitted by on August 9, 2015 – 10:12 pm

Arturo López Levy

(HP)-With only a week to go until Secretary John Kerry is schedule to raise the American flag in Cuba, the political divide about American policy towards Cuba is increasing. Republican presidential candidates will have their first debate in which the Cuba issue might emerge. Cuba is a winning topic for Senator Rand Paul whose libertarian position on travel and trade with Cuba is supported by majorities of Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

Paul will be against Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. Rubio and Bush had made their political career in Miami as champions of the embargo policy. Trump, in his previous attempt to run for the White House in 1999 (+VIDEO Discurso) as a Reform party candidate, paid a servile visit to Miami based Cuban American National Foundation in exchange for the “first hotel in Cuba” after Fidel Castro’s fall. He is still waiting. (En huffingtonpost)