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noviembre 25, 2015 – 17:52 pm

La prolongación de “la sociedad” de la Cuba republicana en Miami, con su elegancia y su auto-represión, se hizo visible en la sección “Sociales” de Diario Las Américas. Guillermo Álvarez Guedes azotó a estos señorones …

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El Secretario de Estado KERRY compara las dos Alemania de la GUERRA FRIA en un discurso en la Universidad de Virginia

Enviado por en febrero 22, 2013 – 13:58 pm

(STATE GOV)-When I was 12 years old, I had the privilege of living in Berlin, Germany, where my father, a Foreign Service officer, was called to duty. And one day, I visited the eastern side of Berlin, the part that hadn’t received any of the help from the United States and its courageous Marshall Plan.

The difference was undeniable, even to my 12-year-old eyes. There were few people on the streets, few smiles on the faces of those who were there. I saw the difference between hope and despair, freedom and oppression, people who were given a chance to do something and people who weren’t. If the recovering western half of Europe was regaining its vibrant color, the place that I visited was still in black and white.

When I went back to West Berlin, two things happened. First, I was summarily grounded for having ventured without permission to the other side of the city. (Laughter.) And second, I started to pay special attention to the plaques on the buildings that recognized the United States of America for lending a hand in the rebuilding. And I was proud. (Full Text)