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noviembre 29, 2015 – 6:44 am

Como hay escritoras con experiencia detrás de la telenovela de Cubavisión “Latidos compartidos”, estoy convencido que el significativo “detalle” del Rolex que Maikel Junior le regaló a su singular hijastro (VER: Capítulo 12, de ayer sábado. Video: …

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Creada la “Americans for a Strong Defense (ASD)” para detener la llegada de Chuck Hagel al PENTAGONO (Mauricio Claver-Carone en el Board)

Enviado por en enero 22, 2013 – 17:39 pm

(ASD)-Mauricio Claver-Carone, a board member for Americans for a Strong Defense (ASD) stated, “Senator Hagel’s views are clearly outside the mainstream and will only serve to embolden America’s foes throughout the world.  Americans for a Strong Defense will work to ensure that Senators understand a vote for Hagel will weaken America’s strong stance against terrorists and tyrants.” (http://www.americansforastrongdefense.com/americans-for-a-strong-defense-formed/)

In 2005, Hagel Opposed U.S. Embargo Against Cuba And Said That It “Isolates Us, Not Cuba.” “Sen. Chuck Hagel, who joined [Nebraska Governor]Heineman at the site of the Panhandle’s largest county fair northwest of Scottsbluff, credited Heineman and the trade delegation with accomplishing ‘one of the most significant developments in American agriculture in many years.’ Trade provides ‘one of the great bridges’ between people and is ‘good for everyone,’ he said. The U.S. embargo is outdated and ‘isolates us, not Cuba,’ Hagel said. Heineman said Hagel’s public support for trade with Cuba was ‘very critical to our success’ in negotiating an agreement.” [The Lincoln Journal Star, 8/20/05]

In 2006, Hagel Claimed That “Opening Of Trade With Cuba” Would Promote Democracy. “Hagel: Opposes unilateral sanctions on both countries, contending that through direct talks with leaders in Iran and the opening of trade with Cuba, the United States can best promote the benefits of democracy.” [Omaha World-Herald, 1/1/06]

  • In 2003, Hagel Voted Against Tabling A Motion “To Prohibit The Enforcement Of The Ban On Travel To Cuba.” (H.R. 2989, CQ Vote #405, 10/23/03]
  • In 2007, Hagel Co-Sponsored Legislation That “Prohibits The President From Regulating Or Prohibiting Travel To Or From Cuba By U.S. Citizens Or Legal Residents.” [S. 721, Introduced 3/1/07]