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En busca de un enviado especial para que lleve el “caso ALAN GROSS” ante el gobierno cubano

Enviado por en diciembre 6, 2012 – 19:04 pm

(JDF)-Advocates of Gross’s release have outlined a roadmap that they believe could secure it. The key to it IS for the United States to negotiate, and compromise, with the Cuban government. “It’s time the tactics changed,” said Jared Genser, an attorney for the Gross family.
The new tactics, according to Genser, should include sending a special envoy to Cuba, one who would be close enough to President Obama to convey a message of seriousness to the Cuban government, and senior enough to be authorized to seal a deal. Several names have been mentioned as a possible envoy: former President Bill Clinton, who enjoys global credibility but is also disliked by Cubans because as president, he allowed regime-change activity against Castro; Jimmy Carter, another former president, although Carter already tried once to bring about Gross’s release, to no avail, and former Clinton chief of staff Thomas “Mack” McLarty. (MORE…)