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noviembre 28, 2015 – 0:11 am

La Embajada del Ecuador en Cuba y la Agencia Consular en La Habana informan a los ciudadanos cubanos:
Con el propósito de controlar el tráfico de personas que son objeto de las redes de tráfico humano …

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Del debate sobre Hagel al Pentágono (la expresión “lobby judío” puede ser tan engañosa como “lobby cubanoamericano”)

Enviado por en diciembre 30, 2012 – 14:43 pm

Michael Brun

(AJ)-And he once used the term “Jewish lobby” instead of “Israel lobby”, thus denying credit where credit is due, to right-wing evangelical Christians and other fine citizens who also would like to see a war with Iran and fight for the foreign policy agenda of Israel’s far right. This is a bit like taking someone to task for referring to the “Florida Cuban-American lobby”, thus leaving out right-wing Nicaraguans, Venezuelans and other haters who want to see the Castro brothers dead and the US on its way to re-possessing the island. Last week, Elliot Engel became the first important Democratic Congressman to attack Chuck Hagel and oppose his nomination as Secretary of Defence. Engel is part of the Israel lobby and unfortunately he is now the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs committee… Engel is a good example of how the Israel lobby, in alliance with the much weaker neocons, influences much more of US foreign policy than just the Middle East. Until the Democrats lost the House in 2010, he was Chair of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What was he doing there, since his main interest is Israel? He was there to use the Committee to try to advocate for Israeli foreign policy in this hemisphere. Of course, he had allies among neocon Republicans like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, fanatical Cuban-born Florida right-winger who is the current (outgoing) Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. (MORE… AJ)

NOTA: Michael Brun is visiting assistant professor of Economics at the Illinois State University: aj

FOTO: Ros-Lehtinen & Engel: hwupdate.org