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Paradojas para la llegada de TED CRUZ al Senado: Triunfa como conservador, tiene formación “liberal” y su padre luchó del lado en que estaba Fidel Castro (“His father fought with Fidel Castro in Cuba”)

Enviado por en noviembre 9, 2012 – 12:00 pm

John Aloysius Farrell & Dan Friedman

(NATIONAL JOURNAL/YAHOO)-But there were steps to the right as well. Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona saved retiring Sen. Jon Kyl’s seat for the GOP. Republican Debra Fischer takes over from Democratic centrist Ben Nelson of Nebraska. And the victory in Texas by Ted Cruz, a champion of movement conservatives, suggested that both parties had sidled toward the wings and thus padded the partisan polarity.

Yet Cruz’s biography illustrates the limits of predicting behavior in the new Congress. Yes, he beat a GOP insider in the primary and comes to Washington as a tea party hero. But his résumé—Princeton; magna cum laude at Harvard Law School; editor of the Harvard Law Review; clerk to the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist; director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission; associate deputy attorney general and policy adviser under President George W. Bush; Texas solicitor general and law professor—reeks of intellectual firepower and establishment varnish. His father fought with Fidel Castro in Cuba. No pitchfork-toting birther he.

Cruz, Fischer, and Flake will face powerful crosscurrents when they arrive—more so than their Democratic counterparts. A tide of furious conservative activists is demanding fealty in the war against big government and threatening to enforce right-wing orthodoxy by taking down mavericks in Republican primaries. (MORE…)