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ELIZARDO SANCHEZ a propósito del nombramiento de YOANI SANCHEZ como “regional vice chair for Cuba of the Inter American Press Association’s Press Freedom Committee”

Enviado por en noviembre 12, 2012 – 7:29 am

“Her face is not familiar for most Cubans, but her name is,” said dissident Elizardo Sanchez, who runs the National Human Rights and Reconciliation Commission, which is illegal but tolerated by the government.

Her work at the press association “is going to be very difficult, although all of us in the emerging civil society are going to support her,” he said.

Sanchez noted that many Cubans had learned of the blogger’s existence after an allusion to her in Fidel Castro’s book “Fidel, Bolivia and Something Else,” published in 2008.

“Many people know her from the Cuban government’s attacks on her, and even those of commander Fidel Castro himself,” Elizardo Sanchez said. (AFP desde La Habana)