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Cuando vaya a Los Cayos, no se olvide de Martí (O vaya a Los Cayos por Martí)

Enviado por en noviembre 21, 2012 – 18:54 pm

Bruce Neff

(KEYS WEEKLY)-The political voice and hero of the revolution was Jose Marti. He was a highly respected author, poet and champion of freedom in Latin America. In 1883 Marti came to Key West to raise support and money for the ongoing revolution. One of his speeches was given from the balcony (2do PISO) of cigar manufacturer Teodoro Perez’s home. He was warmly received with cigar workers pledging a day’s wage every week. Funds traveled back to the revolutionaries through the nearly 60 Cuban support clubs in Key West.
The home and famous balcony of Marti’s speech still exists at 1125 Duval Street. It currently operates as La-Te-Da and is Historic Marker No. 30…  While you are shopping for the weekend try adding a helping of yellow rice and black beans to the menu and remember that the Florida Keys played a special role in the freedom of our unique multi-cultural community.

-NOTE: Bruce Neff is the founder and executive director of the Key West Historic Marker Project.